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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1 - How does this work?
To participate in our cycler system you must have an active account with us, it is easy just click on register and create one in about 30 seconds. You will also need any one or more of the following payment processor accounts PayPal and Payza. Once you have successfully opened your Buy4Script.Com account, you should make a purcase to become active and start making money. It really is that simple!, just spend a few moments completing the above steps and then go and enjoy the rest of your day!

You will gain access to our exclusive private members and download area where you can download bonus items as a special thank you for becoming active. These valuable downloads are what help make our members marketing efforts work. The tools provided in the members only area are only accessible once you are an active member. The downloads area has over $2,000 worth of useful moneymaking tools, information and software for you to grow your current business or marketing any other opportunity online.

After you purchase a cycler position on your chosen line, your name goes into our group and when your position cycles you will earn up to 200% on your position. How simple is that?

For Example: You purchase a $100 position - Your position cycles - You receive $200 (200% return) - (you can buy as many positions as you like)

Commissions: Sponsoring/Referring is NOT Required. Although if you decide you would like to promote Buy4Script.Com, you will find that we pay very well indeed for your efforts, please check the individual lines for the current rates, sometimes these may go up as part of a special promotion effort so keep watching. If the commission level changes, you automatically receive the new rate on all the new referrals that you make.

For Example: You refer Fred. Fred purchases a $100 Position. You receive $10 commission (10%) from Fred's purchase and every new position he purchases afterwards.

In order to be paid, you can simply request a withdrawal of your money to PayPal and Payza at anytime. It's that simple. You may buy as many positions as you like. The more you buy, the more you can make.

2 - What payment processors do you accept?
We accept PayPal and Payza at the moment - Additional processors may be added in the future by user request.

3 - How can I make my withdrawals/get paid?
You can request withdrawals (by clicking the *withdraw* tab) whenever you have 25.00 or more in your account balance.
Withdrawal requests must be made BEFORE 8PM EST in order to receive payment that night.

4 - Can I refer/sponsor others?
Yes, for each new member you sponsor into Buy4Script.Com you will earn instant cash bonuses on EVERY new position purchase they make. (You can find your personalized referral link in your back office) Referral links are in this format /?your_user_name_goes_here

5 - How much can I purchase?
The minimum position to buy is $25.00 USD and the maximum amount you can spend as much as you like.

6 - Do you issue refunds?
Please Note: We do not issue refunds under any circumstances. All the money placed is paid to members and the marketing efforts we provide on your behalf, therefore there can be no refunds.

7 - Frauds, attempts at cheating the system or any misconduct:
We have a variety of security measures in place to detect any kind of fraud, attempt, cheating or any other type of misconduct and foul play that goes against our system policies.In fairness to honest members, we terminate any accounts engaged in cheating, our decision is always final.

Anyone found in these category mentioned will have their account suspended immediately and without notice and all purchases seized. The fraudulent person will be reported to all the payment processors available in our system. We reserve the right to pend any suspicious large withdrawal request until approval clears.

8 - When do I receive my payout from my cycled positions?
For organizational purposes, all members who have had positions cycled throughout the day will receive a mass payout during the day. (You must request a WITHDRAWAL first though)

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